Capital Ale House, Richmond, VA

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Capital Alehouse has three locations in the Richmond area plus one in Fredericksburg, VA.  Our experience has been with the location in Innsbruck, which is easily found on Cox Road near the intersection with Broad Street.  

We don’t remember how we found it, but Capital Alehouse turned out to be a great find.  We probably first went there because they have a ‘steal the glass night’ every week.  We returned often when in the area because we always had great food as well as a huge selection of beer.  Another factor in our regular visits was our waiter, Josh, who had been trained as a sommelier and who was transferring his knowledge to beer.  When he found out we were really interested in good beer, he set out to educate us and had us trying all sorts of different beers.

Capital Alehouse generally has 50 beers on tap, plus a huge variety of beers in bottles and cans.  They are also a really good restaurant, with an imaginative chef.  In addition to their regular menu, they always have a couple of specials on a blackboard just outside the entrance, and those specials are excellent.

They also serve some wonderful desserts.  I think this slice of carrot cake could easily serve four people.  Most restaurant desserts are not worth ordering, but the ones at Capital Alehouse are very good, and of course they have an excellent selection of beers that go very well with dessert.

Steal the glass night is on Tuesdays.  They post the breweries on their website calendar, so you can plan ahead if you are picky about your beer glass collection.  Their website is at

Capital Alehouse is always crowded on steal the glass night, but we have never had to wait very long to be seated.  During good-weather seasons they can use their large patio, which is a pleasant seating alternative.

Post-Script:  We have returned to Capital Ale House on August 1, 2011, a Monday night.  The place was an absolute zoo because it was burger night.  On burger night you can get a burger for $2 with the purchase of a beverage.  As always they had a great selection of beer and great service.  The burger was excellent, and the big chocolate cake, which we had for dessert was wonderful.  This visit reminded us of why we’ve always enjoyed going there.

Originally posted September 28, 2010

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