Pasquale Pizza & Pub, Corolla, NC

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Pasquale Pizza is the current incarnation of what used to be the Corolla Brewpub.  When you walk in it is identical to what it used to be.  For those who go way back, it was originally the Weeping Radish Bavarian Restaurant.

The menu is Italian.  We tried the ‘Il Toscano’ sandwich, which was very good.  We also tried a couple of the local beers they have on tap, and were very pleased with those, also.  The beers were served in logo glasses from their respective breweries.  We must comment that the sandwich was just the sandwich, not even a dill pickle on the side, but that was okay, just a bit unexpected.  In addition to the local brews on tap, they also have a variety of bottled craft and other beers, and they serve wine.  

The staff was friendly and the service was good.  We were there for a midweek lunch.  Over all, it was a very nice experience.

They have a website at,  where you can peruse their menu.  

UPDATE:  As of 2016 Pasquale Pizza is no longer in business.

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Original post July 27, 2011

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