The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, San Antonio, TX

The Flying Saucer is the personification of a modern alehouse.  Mostly we have been to the one in San Antonio, but on our cross-country trip last summer, we had lunch at the one at The Lake (Garland, TX).  In San Antonio they have 85 beers on tap at any given time, and they have ‘steal the glass’ night every Wednesday.

On Wednesdays The Flying Saucer is an extremely busy and noisy place, and sometimes finding seating requires creativity.  Fortunately, the clientele is friendly and usually willing to share a table, or make sure you get it when they are ready to leave.  They have patio seating, which is nice in good weather, if you can tolerate the cigarette smoke.

The food here is pub-style, but the quality has gotten better.  They now have a nice variety of selections from finger foods to grill platters, and salads.

We enjoy The Flying Saucer and will continue to visit when we can.  They have a lot of information on their website at

The plates on the ceiling and walls belong to customers who have tasted (and recorded on a computer log) 200 different beers!  For those who try 400, 600, etc. the plates are painted in a different background color.

There are a couple of additional photos in the album.

Original post September 28, 2010

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