Appalachian Brewing Co., Harrisburg, PA

On our way between Delaware and Dayton, OH, we decided to spend some time in Harrisburg, PA because we wanted to go to Appalachian Brewing.  We arrived in time for lunch, and were pleased that we were able to find a parking space in their lot.  This is another brewery located in an old brick building in an old  downtown area.  They have been in business since 1951 and were the first brewery in the Pennsylvania capital.  In addition to their craft beers, they also make hand-crafted sodas, such as ginger beer.

At the time of our visit there were lots of blue and white Oktoberfest pennants strung from the ceiling, in addition to the usual brew posters.  They have a huge brewing room, which is visible from everywhere in the restaurant and bar.  The combination of antique brick, heavy beams and dark wood create a nice, yet casual ambiance.

Appalachian brewing makes a wide variety of beers.  We tried a sampler, which included styles from wheat to barley wine.  Unfortunately the barley wine wasn’t included in the sampler.  All the other current offerings were included, and they were all quite nice.  We are not big on wheat beers, but theirs was very nice.  We had eight samples, which came in beautiful stout-style small glasses.

As we have come to expect, the food was very good, too.  They pay attention to details here.  Even their burger buns are “branded” with their bear paw logo.

You can find their website at, and more photos in our album.  It would definitely be nice to visit here again.

Hours: Sun - Thu 11AM - 11PM (kitchen until 10PM)

           Fri - Sat  11AM - Midnight (kitchen until 11PM)

Date of our visit was September 22, 2014

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