BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, El Paso, TX

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BJ’s is a chain that can be found all along the west coast, plus Nevada and Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.  Our main experience with BJ’s is in El Paso, TX, where we live.  We are grateful for BJ’s presence, because they have everything one could want in a restaurant.  They brew their own beer, which is excellent.  They have a standard list of beers, plus seasonal ones - the best of the latter that we have tried is their pumpkin ale, which truly does taste like pumpkin pie.  A recent (2016) addition to their seasonals, in Texas) is their Bourbon Barrel Stout, which is phenomenally good.

BJ’s has a very nice ambience, and is pleasant even when crowded.  We have never experienced extreme waiting times, and the waiting times are generally shorter than expected.   The food we’ve had is excellent, as are the beers.  The service is also consistently good.  BJ’s is more than a brewpub:  they have a full bar and serve wine, plus they cater to families.  We have seen many families with small children there.

We have yet to try a BJ’s anywhere other than El Paso, but we are confident that we would enjoy any of their locations.  Of course they have a website:

The labels below are for the beers that we have regularly enjoyed.  Someone told us that the Jeremiah Red was like Killian’s Irish Red, which put us off initially, but when we finally tried the Jeremiah Red we enjoyed it greatly.  BJ’s may be a chain, but they maintain the brewpub ethic very well.


Follow-up note:  we have since been to The Rim location of BJ’s at I-10, just west of Loop 1604 in San Antonio.  The food was good, but the service just didn’t seem up to the same level as what we’ve experienced in El Paso.  The service wasn’t bad; perhaps it was that the staff is not as friendly as in El Paso.

As of June, 2012 BJ’s has a new addition to their regular beer list:  Hopstorm IPA.  It is up to their usual standard of making excellent beer.

© Susan L. Stone 2015