Corolla Brewpub, Corolla, NC

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July 27, 2011 COROLLA BREW PUB IS NO MORE.  See Pasquale’s Pizza Pub under AWESOME ALEHOUSES for a current review.

We tried the Corolla Brew Pub for lunch, hoping to discover more beer brewed on the Outer Banks.  The experience was pleasant:  we enjoyed both our beer and the food, and the service was good.  The decor was definitely pub, but with a beach twist:  the wood was light colored, rather than the dark stained wood of traditional pubs.

There was some disappointment with regard to the beer: the pub’s own beer is not currently available.  The pub does not have brewing facilities, and so have contracted with a brewer; at present, due to trying to change distributors, they are unable to get their own beer.  That said, the draft beer we did get was excellent.  We tried the Highland Brewing oatmeal porter, and the Carolina Brewing Flagship IPA.  For food we split their grilled chicken sandwich.  The portions are of reasonable size, but we were still satisfied with sharing the sandwich.

We were there later than the usual lunch hour, and there were very few people in the restaurant.  It might be a more exciting place during usual dining hours.  As it stands, even though we had a good experience there, we would most likely go back only if we would be able to try the pub’s own beer recipes. 

Originally published July 2010

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