Dogfish Head Bistro, Rehoboth Beach, DE

If you had to choose only one brewpub to visit, this should be the one.  From the moment we entered the parking lot we had a wonderful experience.  We had been warned that the parking lot is small, and that we should get there early to find a spot.  When we got there we found three empty spaces, even though the place was packed to the gills with people when we went inside.  There was also a line at their outside store where you can get beer to go as well as merchandise such as glasses and t-shirts.

We were told it would be a 20-minute wait for a table.  The waiting time went quickly, because there is much to see, and we were also studying the beer menu.  We started with a custom beer sampler, which included 90-Minute IPA, Chicory Stout, Midas Touch (using an ancient Turkish recipe and the ingredients found in 2700 year old drinking vessels found in the tomb of King Midas) , Palo Santo Marron (aged in barrels made from Paraguayan Palo Santo wood), and Chateau Jiahu (based on a Chinese recipe from 7000 BC).  Every single one of these beers had amazing flavor.  To go with the beer we got a ‘Happy Nonconformist’ pizza, with basil pesto, goat cheese and asparagus.  It was delectable!

We’ve only had one other pizza that is equal to this one.

Once we finished this course we took the tour of the brewery on the premises, which is where they started brewing beer, and which is now used for their experimental brews.  It turns out that they also make distilled spirits.  Our tour guide, Alison, is their distiller.  She makes gin, vodka, and three flavors of rum.  One interesting fact is that the grains used in the brewing/distilling processes  are sent out to pig and cattle farms to feed the animals, and those animals then become meats for the restaurant.  Another cute fact:  their still is named “Frankenstill”.

Once the tour was done we headed back to our table for dinner and more beer.  Dinner was beer-battered fish and chips, with a Caesar salad.  The second beer sampler included Raison D’Etre, Indian Brown Ale (a cross between a Scotch Ale, an IPA and an American Brown Ale), Burton Baton (a blend of an English strong ale and 90-minute IPA), Black & Red Stout (minty with a serious fruit problem, and probably the most amazing beer either of us has ever tried), and 75-minute IPA (a mix of 60-minute and 90-minute IPAs, cask-conditioned with maple syrup).  We finished with a Warm Brownie Raison D’Etre Sunday - also very good.  

The imagination and creativity of the brewers are amazing.  They do a lot of experimenting, and seem to enjoy recreating ancient beers.  Everything we tried, both beer and food, was of the highest quality.  With everything we enjoyed, the bill was very modest.  This is a place we definitely will be returning to whenever we can.  

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Original visit and post on August 3, 2011

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