Eddie McStiff’s, Moab, UT

We were not quite sure where to put Eddie McStiff’s in this blog.  It still bills itself as Moab’s oldest legal brewery, as can be seen on the photo below of one of their t-shirts, but they are no longer brewing beer.

Eddie McStiff's - 19

A local person had recommended this place to us as a brewery on our last visit to Moab.  It was a disappointment to find that they are no longer brewing and serving their own beer.  Finding more locally brewed beer is the only reason we tried it out.

They do serve other beers that are brewed in Utah, so we tried a couple of those, which were pretty good.  The food and service here were okay, but not great.  

In the room where the bar is they have replicas of what we presume to be locally found pictographs by Native Americans, which adds a note of interest.  They also have a good-sized patio area for outdoor dining.

Eddie McStiff’s is unfortunately a place that we cannot recommend to others.

Original post August 8, 2013

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