Freetail Brewing Co., San Antonio, TX

The Freetail Brewing Co. opened in December, 2008.  They took their name from the Mexican freetail bat which spends part of the year in the San Antonio area.  They are a windmill powered brewery, and they have also become an official US soccer bar.

Our first visit was shortly after they opened and their own brews were not yet available due to a glitch in the brewing process.  However, on our next visit we were able to try their original beers.  As with any place, some of their beers are better than others, but for the most part they are excellent, and there is usually a good variety of them to choose from.  They have done some wonderful experimental beers.

Freetail also takes pride in their food, which is excellent.  Their specialty is pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.  Our favorite dinner is a Caesar salad with a Pizza Carbonara.   The menu of casual food should have something to fit everyone’s taste.

We make a point of stopping at Freetail every time we are in San Antonio and have always been pleased.  They have a monthly newsletter which is a lot of fun, and a web site that has all the information you need:

There are more photos in the album.

Originally posted July, 2010

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