Groggs Pinnacle Brewing, Helper, UT

We discovered Groggs by a billboard along the highway during our 2009 road trip.  We decided to be adventurous and look for the place.  It turned out to be on a small road that was under construction, several miles off the highway.  

Even though it was not easy to get to, Grogg’s had plenty of customers.  The staff was friendly, and the food and beer were pleasant.  Service was okay.  The overall experience was not up to the standard of most of the brewpubs we’ve visited.  But at the same time it was a fun part of our travel adventure.

If we are in the area we might go back to Groggs, to re-evaluate our experience.  Groggs does not have a website.


Post Script:  We returned to Groggs in August 2013, since we were in the area.  It was a nice experience.   The beers we chose were good, as were the salads we had for lunch.  It turned out to be a reunion of sorts:  our server, Jaymee, was the same one who helped us when we first visited four years ago.  The good news is that the road is finished, and for those of us who can’t remember which exit  to take, they still have a billboard up to guide us.  We did not manage to take a camera in with us, so once again we have no photos.

Groggs Pinnacle Brewing does have a website now, which includes any information you might want about the restaurant.  The website is at

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