Journey of Discovery

Moon River Brewing Company - 02.jpg

This section of the blog is a compendium of our journey through the world of craft beer.

In our travels we have been discovering wonderful brewpubs which have a great selection of craft brews and good food.  We’ve had so much fun with them that we decided to share our findings with all who might be interested.  Most of what we have experienced to date has been in the US, but we have also found them in Canada and South Africa.  One of the nice things about road trips is the opportunity to find new brewpubs.  We have now been in several places where people have been very happy to tell us about their favorite brewpub.  And sometimes we have found them accidentally, in unexpected places.  We’re looking at the possibility of taking a brewpub crawl road trip through the country.  We promise that we won’t try to drive if we have too much beer! 

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