Lancaster Brewing Co., Harrisburg, PA

We found out about Lancaster Brewing from a visitor’s guide and decided that as long as we were in Harrisburg, we should take advantage of the opportunity to try another brewpub.  It didn’t hurt any that it was located just down the street from our hotel.

We visited for dinner and found a place that was an interesting mix of casual and fine restaurant.  This brewpub is a secondary location; the primary one is in Lancaster, PA.  

Once again we decided to order a sampler, so we could get an idea of the range of their brewing expertise.  This sampler consisted of ten beers, which was a bit overwhelming after having sampled a lot of beer at lunch.  There were a couple of these that we didn’t care for as much (don’t ask, we don’t remember), but they do make a lot of good beer.  The beers we tried were Strawberry Wheat, Hop Hog IPA, Celtic Rose Irish Amber, Lancaster Lager, Shoofly Porter, Milk Stout, Double Chocolate Milk Stout and Kölsch Hop Buggy.

Dinner was also very good.  The food was quite tasty.

Our server was friendly and helpful, as were the ladies who were working in the reception area.  We would certainly enjoy a return visit here, as well as trying the more casual brewpub in Lancaster.

You can find more information on their website:  There are a few additional photos in our album.

Original visit on September 22, 2014

© Susan L. Stone 2015