Lexington Avenue Brewery, Asheville, NC

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Lexington Avenue Brewery

To round out our visit to Asheville, we went to dinner at the Lexington Avenue Brewery.  The brewery has a large patio area with garage-door-style windows, which they leave open in good weather, a long, curved bar, plenty of tables with comfortable chairs, and a stage for musical performers.  The brewery tanks are behind a glass wall and are highlighted by an ever-changing display of colored lights, which adds to the atmosphere. 

We tried two beers:  the Nitro American Stout and the LAB IPA.  Both were excellent.  The brewery owns their own farm where they raise all the beef they serve in the restaurant.  That was intriguing, so we ordered a French dip sandwich (which came with spiced fries & pickled veggies).  We also ordered a Caesar salad, which was a nice salad, but bore very little resemblance to any Caesar salad we’ve had before.  

Our visit was on a Wednesday evening.  The restaurant was quite busy, though not crowded.  They were scheduled to have music starting at 9 PM, but we left before that.

The brewery is located at 39 N. Lexington Avenue, in downtown Asheville.  You can find more information about them at their website, http://www.lexavebrew.com/.  

The only thing that might be considered a negative is that the noise level is very high, between the conversations and the background music.  We did enjoy our time there and could easily return when we are in the area.

There are more photos in the album.

Lexington Avenue Brewery

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