Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery, Cape Town, South Africa

We discovered Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery (Scottish Ale House) while riding past the V&A Waterfront Mall on a tour bus, on our first day in Cape Town.  That immediately told us what we’d be doing the next day, since we had no excursion scheduled.  On the second morning we took the shuttle bus from the harbor to the mall, and then walked over to the brewpub, arriving around 10:30 AM.  Given that we had very limited time before our ship left, we were disappointed that they would not be able to serve us any beer until 11:00 AM.  We ran a few errands and did a little exploring in the mall, and returned, still a little early, to Mitchell’s.  Our server managed to get beer for us so we’d have the maximum amount of time to enjoy it, along with a snack basket.

We tried two beers here:  Old Wobbly (11% ABV) and 90 Shilling Scottish Ale (5% ABV).  Both were incredible beers.  The brewer definitely understands good beer!  And of course Harry wouldn’t let Susan drink even half of the Old Wobbly, even though that was the beer she ordered…

Our whole experience here was fun, and we would love to pay a return visit one day.

You can find their website here:, and more photos in the album.

                         You’d be happy, too, if you were going to drink these beers! (90 Shilling left, Old Wobbly right)

Date of visit: April 2, 2014

© Susan L. Stone 2015