Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co., Raleigh, NC

NOTE: AS OF MID-JULY 2016 THIS LOCATION IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  We spoke with staff at the Greensboro location and they said the closure happened because the landlord wanted to raise the rent to a highly unacceptable level.  Stay tuned for a new location in Wilmington NC.

Raleigh is the second location for Natty Greene’s.  Since we had enjoyed their original Greensboro location so much, we decided we needed to check out Raleigh, too.  Again they have a downtown location in a beautiful old brick building.  There are nice dining rooms, a pub room with dining and a bar, and a casual activity room with games.  Everything is kept immaculate.

The beers are the same ones as in the original location, so they were as good as we expected.  The menu is similar (we’re not sure if it’s exactly the same), and the food we’ve had there was also excellent.  The service is great and the servers are friendly.

The Raleigh location also has a patio for outdoor dining.  We’ve concluded that it’s worth visiting Natty Greene’s, whatever the location.

You can get more information on their website:  There are more photos in the album.

original visit June 29, 2012

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