Nimbus Brewing Co., Tucson, AZ

We write this review while still in the glow of the beer and food from Nimbus Brewing Company in Tucson, AZ.  We were steered to it by a young lady at the Apple Store.  It was a real trial finding it, since we are mostly unfamiliar with Tucson, but eventually we did find it, at the end of a cul-de-sac in an industrial development.  If we hadn’t seen the numbers on a building close by and the cars in the lot, we would never have known where it was.  We came close to missing it, because the address sounded like it was in a mall.  Instead, it is in a revamped 1920s warehouse.

This place is casual!  When we walked in and sat down, it took a while to realize that the menus were stacked up at the bar, and that we needed to go to the bar to place all beer and food orders.  We did place our orders, and were immediately pleased with our beers.  We started out with the Old Monkeyshine Ale and the Pale Ale, both of which were very nice.  We each had a different salad for dinner, and both of them were quite nice, although the salsa that came with the taco salad was nothing to write home about.  Our second round of beer was the brown ale and the oatmeal stout, and once again we were pleased with them.   We spent some time talking to Chris, who manages the bar, and who was our server, and he ended up giving us a generous sample of their triple rye, a seasonal offering, which was really quite nice.  The service was excellent.

As with most of the microbreweries we’ve found, Nimbus has an excellent sense of humor.  The atmosphere is pleasant.  We sat in the room where the bar is.  There is also an upstairs dining area and a small patio.

Of course they have a website:, which has separate pages for the brewery and the bistro.  The bistro is at another location.  They do offer tours of the brewery.  By the way, if you get directions from their website, you’ll have a much easier time of finding the place than we did.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Nimbus and are looking forward to a return visit at some time in the future so we can try other dishes from their menu and drink more of their great beer.  Cheers!

Originally posted July 29, 2010

© Susan L. Stone 2015