Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, Buffalo, NY

The Pearl Street Grill and Brewery was a felicitous find.  This is yet another brewpub that is located in a restored old building.  This building dates from 1841 and still retains the original ceiling fan system that runs on pulleys.

Between all the flower baskets and the ‘Lake Effect Man’ on the upper front corner of the building, it is hard to miss when you are looking for it.

The brewpub is huge.  It includes the Brawler’s Deli (& catering) in the basement, and banquet facilities and a game room on the second floor.  The main floor has multiple dining areas, the brewery, and a large bar area.  

The combination of the old wood and fixtures, plus the decorating makes for a very pleasant atmosphere.  We also had a wonderful server.

We ordered their teaser sampler of 10 beers which were all excellent.  

As has previously been our experience, where the beer is good, the food is also.  We ordered salads which were quite tasty.  All in all this was a very pleasant lunch time experience.  Pearl Street Grill & Brewery is definitely worth a return visit.  It does Buffalo proud.

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Original visit & post on August 10, 2012

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