Pecan Point Gastropub & Brewery, Texarkana, TX

Imagine our surprise when we went to look for a place to eat in Texarkana and found out there was a craft brewery…  The even bigger surprise was how good it is.  We’ve been there twice and have enjoyed it greatly both times.

Our introduction to Pecan Point was in mid-July, 2016.  It has been open since October 2014, and is already in the process of expansion.

On our first visit we got to try a couple of their beers, which were very nice, solid brews.  We were told by our server to dry the duck fat fries, which we did, and enjoyed greatly.  On our second visit we were disappointed to discover that they no longer had their own beer, though they did have a very nice array of beer available on tap.

We met the owner on our first visit and learned that when he hired the manager for the facility, he discovered that the new manager’s wife is a trained French chef.  She is now responsible for the kitchen activity.  The owner was the original brewer, but now his son is the brewer.

On our second visit, we asked the owner about why we couldn’t drink their beer any more, and he explained that they are in the process of expanding the kitchen, so they will be able to cater as well as do the restaurant.  And, they are moving the brewery to a different, nearby building.  That move essentially means starting over with licensing, and that is why we couldn’t have their home brew.  We know that next time we visit, we’ll be able to drink home brew again.

The food here is excellent, as is the service.  The restaurant is in an old downtown building, as is the case with so many craft breweries these days, and the atmosphere is very nice.  We’re definitely looking forward to many future visits.

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There are more photos in this album.

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