Pennsylvania Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, PA

The Penn Brewery was a perfect stopping point when we were traveling between Abingdon, VA and Toronto, Canada.  Penn Brewery is Pittsburgh’s oldest brewery and reflects the European heritage of Pittsburgh.  It is located in the old E&O Brewery building, which dates back to the 19th century in the Deutschtown neighborhood.  The brewery has been in operation since 1986.

The pub’s menu reflects the heritage of the German immigrants to the area.  They brew excellent beer, and the food we had was also very good.  The beers we had were Penn Dark and Overlook IPA.

We were there on a Friday evening, and they had a band entertaining in the main room.  The band, named ‘The Blues Orphans’ was wonderful - their music was good, and they showed a good sense of humor.  Their music worked for patrons of all ages.

In addition to the main room where we ate, there is another room on that level, plus a bar and room in the basement.  They have an outdoor patio also.

The brewery is located right near the Allegheny river, within shouting distance of the Heinz factory and PNC Park, the baseball stadium.  Even though it is in a downtown area, it does have a parking lot across the street, so parking is not an issue.  Penn Brewery is definitely worth a visit if you like good beer and are in the area.

You can find their website, which includes information about their beers and their menu at

We were able to visit again in 2014 on our way between Delaware and Dayton, Ohio.  This time we were there for lunch.  The food and the beer were once again quite enjoyable.

There are more pictures in the photo album.

Original visit and post August 3, 2012

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