Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub / Cascade Brewing Co., Portland OR

We visited Portland in March, 2015, and since Portland is a hotbed of brewing activity, we made sure we tested out several breweries.  Susan’s sister and brother-in-law were our beer guides.  The first place they took us to was Raccoon Lodge and Brewpub, which is home to Cascade Brewing.  We were there for dinner.

There are two levels to the Raccoon Lodge.  The upper level is a standard dining room, while the lower level houses the bar, more casual seating, and the most important part: the brewery.  We opted for the lower level.  We tried samples of half a dozen of their beers and all were quite nice.  At this point we don’t remember all of the ones we tried.  For certain we had the Dry Stout, the Oblique B&W Stout (which isn’t really a stout), the Honey Ginger Lime and the Blueberry.  The last two are sour beers, which is their specialty.

We also ordered dinner, and the food was quite good, definitely better than standard pub food.  Our server was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  The overall experience was very pleasant and a nice introduction to the Portland Beer scene.

You can find more information on their website:  http://www.cascadebrewing.com.  There are also a couple of extra pictures in the photo album.

   Lodge Exterior

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