River City Brewing Company, Jacksonville, FL

The River City Brewing Company was a fortuitous find, courtesy of one of the Florida visitor centers.  It is located on the waterfront and has a really nice property that includes several dining rooms, the brewery and a bar on the main floor, with three banquet rooms upstairs.  There is also a lot of outdoor patio space which includes a stage for music and multiple levels.  This is certainly the most upscale brewpub we’ve been to:  there were table cloths on all the tables.  There is also a koi pond near the entrance with a sign warning visitors not to feed the fish, but note that the fish are swimming toward us with their mouths wide open …  that gave us a good laugh.

Since they had a sampler available, we decided to try all their current beers.  We ended up ordering a full pint of the IPA, which was milder than average in hoppiness, but with an interesting flavor.  Lunch was the River City Cuban sandwich, which included Pacific Rim Slaw.  Both were excellent.  Despite the very upscale look and location, the prices were quite reasonable.

We had a really nice time here and would happily return next time we are in town.

You can find more information on their website at http://www.rivercitybrew.com/

There are additional photos in the album.

Originally visited and posted on July 11, 2011

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