Springfield Brewing Company, Springfield, MO

Question:  When is being stranded in an unfamiliar city far from home not a problem?  Answer:  When you are stranded in Springfield, MO and have the opportunity to dine and drink beer at the Springfield Brewing Co.  On our first night in town we tried their sampler, and found every one of their beers to be outstanding.  Their brewer is really messing with our heads:  Susan has been enjoying their dry stout and Harry has been enjoying the pale ales.  For those who know us you will know that is backwards to what we usually like.

The brewery is located in an old building that used to be a steel mill.   It has a bar and hostess seating downstairs, along with all the brewery equipment.  Upstairs there is an outdoor patio, informal seating, pool tables, banquet rooms, another bar, and a place for the entertainment.  

We had dinner and drank beer here for five consecutive nights and did not get tired of it.  By the time we left town, it felt like home.  We are looking forward to a return visit.

You can visit their website at http://www.springfieldbrewingco.com.  And you can find additional photos in our photo album.

Original visit August 12, 2012

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