Steamworks Brewing Co., Durango, CO

Steamworks Brewing Co. is located in beautiful downtown Durango.  The exterior of the building doesn’t look like much, but it is the largest restaurant in the city.  It has three dining rooms, a bar and a patio.  The brewing area is in the center of the building, in a glassed-in room which has an explanation of the brewing process printed on the window.

As we usually do when most or all of the beers look interesting, we ordered a sampler.  The beer was wonderful.  Our only disappointment was that they were out of the mole stout, a beer we really wanted to try.  As with many of the breweries we’ve found, they have won awards for their brews.  Our lunch was equally good - and original.  It was a Caesar salad with grilled chicken, but the salad was made with raw, shredded kale and Brussels sprouts.  It was definitely not the usual Caesar salad but it was delicious and went very well with the beers.

One thing Steamworks does that we have never encountered before is to require that all their servers and bartenders be trained so they understand beer.  They have to pass the Cicerone Certified Beer Server Test to be able to work at the restaurant.

Durango is a beautiful city and now we have an excellent reason to pay it a return visit.

You can learn more about Steamworks at their website

We have previously written a post about the Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The two breweries are not related.

There are more pictures in the photo album.

Original visit August 9, 2013

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