Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, CA

                                                                Façade of Stone Brewing

We have been looking forward to visiting Stone Brewing Co. for quite some time, since we enjoy their beers and consider it our “namesake” brewery.  Our expectations were high and they turned out to be warranted - we have had a wonderful time over three visits.

The only way the brewery can be identified is by the number on their building and the scent of brewing beer.  The company name does not appear on the exterior of the property, and they do not advertise.

The decor inside the restaurant is simple and organic, probably influenced by feng shui.  Of course there are lots of stones, big ones!  When you walk through the front door you are immediately in their company store, where they have apparel, growlers, glasses, condiments, etc.  From the store you proceed into the bistro, a spacious restaurant with glass ‘garage-style’ doors that slide up, so the outdoor garden and restaurant are connected.  They have a beautiful one acre garden replete with water features, and seating areas scattered around.  There is an outdoor bar as well as the indoor bar.  On our last visit we discovered that they show a movie in the garden every Wednesday night; this time it was Monty Python And The Holy Grail.  Everyone brings their own chairs or blankets for the movie.  The showing is free, but they must provide identification and they are given a bracelet to show that they are eligible to drink alcohol.

Our first visit was on a Monday, when they serve only vegetarian fare.  This practice, one day a week, prevents a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide emission yearly.  The company is dedicated to being as green as they can be, and to using local, organic produce.  Our lunch was excellent: we had a spinach salad with goat cheese, and their special macaroni & cheese, along with a couple of beers.  The portions are a reasonable size for one person, unlike the portions in most restaurants.  We also tried their Arrogant Bastard brownie sundae dessert, which was really, really good.  The service was great, the food and beer very tasty, and the atmosphere very pleasant.  The restaurant is family friendly; we saw several small children there.  We’ve even seen young children on the brewery tour.

After our lunch, we walked in the garden until time for our brewery tour.  We’ve been on many winery tours, but this was our first brewery tour experience.  The tour was fun and very educational.  Our tour guide, Dan, appeared with a glass of beer in hand, which he partook of during the tour.  We learned a lot about how beer is made, including how the different ingredients affect the flavor of the beer.  We also got to see the bottling area in action, which is unusual.  Dan told us that they are generally through for the day by the time the tours start.  At the end of the tour we got to sample four different beers, totaling about 20 ounces, a fun end to a great tour.  We had a wonderful time.

The website for the brewery is at

The bistro has its own website at

Both websites contain a wealth of information.

We have subsequently been back for dinner.  There was a good crowd for a Tuesday night, and all of the servers were constantly on the move.  We also noticed that they cover for each other, doing whatever they saw needed doing even if it wasn’t for one of their assigned tables.  The food, beer, and service were all excellent.  One very memorable dish is their Garlic/ Cheddar/Ruination IPA soup, which is unique and tasty.

In all, we have eaten one lunch and two dinners at the bistro.  We have tried all their beers, and ordered different food each time, except for a repeat on the Arrogant Bastard brownie sundae.  Each of our experiences has been very pleasant, even when they’ve been very busy.  The service is always excellent, as is the food and beer.

If we could rate this brewpub, it would get ten stars out of five.  The experience does not come cheap, but it is worth whatever you end up spending.  Stone is truly a unique experience.

Originally posted July 27, 2010

© Susan L. Stone 2015