The Lobster Trap / Oyster House Brewing, Asheville, NC

June 27, 2012.  This evening we decided to eat dinner at The Lobster Trap, so we could try the Oyster House beers.  They only had two on tap, and we both had the Moonstone Oyster Stout.  The stout is made with oysters, but it is a very nice one, with absolutely no oyster taste.  There is nothing fishy about this beer!  The food was excellent also, as was the service.  They had live entertainment tonight, a female singer who probably had a couple of back up musicians (we could not see from where we were sitting.  We were at the front, where they had the large window open, so it was like being both inside and outside at the same time.  The Lobster Trap is more than a brewpub:  it is an upscale restaurant that looks like a brewpub.

Once again we lucked out and were able to get souvenir glasses, although our server was pretty sure they were not available.

The Lobster Trap is located at 35 Patton Ave. in Asheville, NC.  We think it is well worth a visit.  Their website can be found here:

Original visit June 

27, 2012

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