Tight Lines Brewery, Morehead City, NC

We have started taking a southern route on our way to the Outer Banks, which includes taking the Cedar Island ferry to Ocracoke.  It makes sense to spend the previous night in Morehead City, and this time, when we looked for a place to eat, we found Tight Lines Brewing Co.  They are a new brewpub as of this writing. and when we visited they had not yet started brewing their own beer. That was a disappointment.

However, they had an array of about 30 taps, with a wonderful selection of beers, including many North Carolina beers.  One thing that was nice is that we could order half-size beers, which would allow us to have a good amount of more than one beer.

The service was excellent, as was the food.  This is another brewery located in an old building, and it is beautifully put together.  The brewpub is located on the main street, so it’s easy to find.

We are looking forward to returning next year and trying their own brews.

There are more photos in this album.

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