Town Hall Brewing Co., Minneapolis, MN

We won’t talk about how our GPS system got us lost when we were looking for Town Hall Brewing.  Once we got there we were very glad we had put in the effort to find it.  The brewery is a pleasant sight as you approach it, with its tree-shaded patio.  As with many other breweries, it is located in an old building, this time in downtown Minneapolis.  It is fairly close to the University of Minnesota campus, so there is a large, young clientele along with the older folks.

The first order of the day was to get our hands on some beer, especially after our GPS fiasco.  We ordered a sampler of their regular beers (photo #1) and one of their seasonal beers (#2).  We probably sound like a broken record, but they brew excellent beer here, with styles to fit every taste.  There was somewhat of a preponderance of India Pale Ales (IPAs), probably because that seems to be the most popular style for brewing now.

Unfortunately there are no photos of our food, but suffice it to say that it was very good.  Town Hall Brewing is well worth a visit when you are in Minneapolis.

As you can see from the banners hanging on the wall in this photo, Town Hall is yet another award-winning brewery.  The decor here takes advantage of being in an old building.  They have beautiful punched tin walls and ceiling in the main dining/bar area.

You can find more information about the brewery on their website:  There are more pictures in our photo album.

Original visit was on August 2, 2013

© Susan L. Stone 2015