Wicked Weed Brewing Co., Asheville NC

We arrived in Asheville on a Saturday evening, and went looking for beer.  Not recommended to do this on a Saturday evening, as the crowds are tremendous and parking is near impossible.  We did finally find a parking space in a parking garage, which turned out to be very reasonably priced, but the whole process of finding parking was a nightmare.

Once we found parking and walked into Wicked Weed Brewing, we discovered that the wait time for a table was an hour or so, but that we could go downstairs to the Tap Room, where we could get beer and food.  We opted to go down for beer, and our buzzer rang while we were considering what food to order.  So we went up to the dining room, where we ordered our dinners.  And more beer.

The decor here is very simple.  The wait staff is efficient and helpful, and the food and beer were excellent.  There is plenty of beer selection for people with different tastes.  We enjoyed both the tap room with its communal seating, and the dining room.  Definitely this is a place worth going back to.  We probably should mention that they also have a gift shop where one can purchase logo glassware, shirts, etc.

Wicked Weed appears to be a very popular place in Asheville, and understandably so.  You can learn more at their website: :http://wickedweedbrewing.com/

There are more photos in this album.

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