Wind River Brewing Co., Pinedale, WY

We discovered the Wind River Brewing Co. by accident during our summer road trip in 2009.   We were tired from a long day of driving when we reached Pinedale, and were trying to decide what kind of dinner we were in the mood for when we spotted the sign for Wind River Brewing Co.  Our dinner choice at that point became a no-brainer.   The best part is that we discovered a combination of excellent beer, food, and service.  Since our hotel was only a few blocks away we tried several of their beers with our dinner.  We definitely tried the Out of Order Porter and the Gale Force Pale Ale, and probably the Buckin’ Bitter.  

Everybody there was very nice and the service was great.  We bought a couple of t-shirts because they did not have souvenir glasses at the time.  We were told to contact the manager about getting glasses, which we did after we returned home, and were able to get them to ship some to us.

Wind River Brewing Co. now has a website, which includes both their beers and their menu.

If we are in the area we will definitely be visiting Wind River Brewing Co. again.  We are confident that additional visits will be as pleasant as our first one.

Update:  In August, 2013 we were finally able to revisit Wind River Brewing Co.  In four years there have been tremendous changes, mostly in their physical building which is greatly expanded.  The beer and food are still excellent, so our original opinion has been validated.  The photo album has additional pictures to show you what it looks like now.

                                                        View from the parking lot in 2013

Originally posted July 2010

© Susan L. Stone 2015