Laughing Sun Brewing Co., Bismarck, ND

Our summer road trip has turned into sort of a national brewpub crawl, as we are interested in finding as much good craft beer as we can.  Because of this we opted to spend a night in Bismarck and try out Laughing Sun Brewing Co.  It is located in the very pleasant downtown area, and easily recognizable from its logo.

The pub was a little more than a year old at the time of our visit.  At any one time they have a nice selection of different types of beer, so there is something to suit every taste.  When we visited they had three wheat beers, including apricot and strawberry, a porter, a stout, an IPA, and our favorite: Sinister Pear.  Sinister Pear is a Belgian style beer that comes up with a pear flavor even though that fruit never got anywhere near the brewing process.  The beer is a perfect example of the magic a brewer can perform with some basic ingredients.

The sampler we ordered had six beers; the only one we skipped was the strawberry wheat, but later had a chance to taste that when one of our table mates ordered it.

Laughing Sun does not serve food.  However, they do allow you to bring in your own food, and the pizza place next door delivered pizzas to several customers while we were there.

The night of our visit the live music was by a local band called Lost Horses, which was really quite nice.  Their music had a country flavor to it, and the band even included an acoustic guitar.  They have a good sound.  Laughing Sun supports local artists of all kinds.

Apparently we must have been so excited about trying the beers that we managed not to take a photo of our sampler.  The only beer photo we have is the Sinister Pear, shown here.

For us, the experience at Laughing Sun was so good that they are an excellent reason to make Bismarck a destination on our travels.  We wish them great success in their business and their brewing adventures.

Laughing Sun has a website at  There are additional photos in the album.

Original visit August 3, 2013

© Susan L. Stone 2015