Steam Whistle Brewing, Toronto, ONT, Canada

The Steam Whistle Brewing Company is located at the Roundhouse (the Toronto Railroad Museum) in Toronto, in the shadow of the CN tower, not far from the harbor district.  They brew only one beer, a pilsner, but it is an excellent pilsner.  The old saying, ‘if you do only one thing, do it well’ applies here.  They do it well.  Another thing they do well is make an effort to save the planet by employing green technology wherever they can.  The most amazing thing in this modern day is that they do home delivery of kegs for parties.  They use an ancient pickup truck to make the deliveries; you can see photos of it on their website.

The tasting room is large, airy and bright, and of course the brewing area is visible through a large plate glass window.  When you visit you get a 4-oz. sample of beer, and they have beer for purchase as well as t-shirts, glassware, growlers, wooden whistles and other items.

Since the brewery is located in The Roundhouse Park, the Toronto railway museum, when you are done drinking your beer, it’s nice to walk around and see what they have at the railway museum.

We have additional photos in the photo album.  You can visit Steam Whistle’s website at

The date of our visit was August 7, 2012

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