Tin Man

Tin Man (2)

We have been driving past Tin Man for months after finding out about it, and finally stopped in to have a beer.  There are a couple of locations; the one we visited is on Zaragosa Road in far east El Paso.  We visited somehwat before 4:00 PM on a week day, and found the place empty except for Amanda, who was working there.  

From the beer list on the wall, it appears that all their beers/ciders are Texas brewed, including brews from some of the local breweries.  As of this writing they have 29 taps.  Amanda was happy to give us samples of anything we wanted to try.  We chose our beers and had a seat at one of the two long tables.  The seating at our table was stools atop kegs; the seating at the other table was benches made of snowboards on sawhorses.

Other people came in while we were enjoying our beers, and they all seemed to be friendly.

When we want to enjoy a casual Texas beer, we will definitely return to Tin Man.  It was a very pleasant experience.

There are additional photos in the Tin.

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