Wolf Hills Brewing Co., Abingdon, VA

Wolf Hills Brewing is Abingdon’s very own craft brewery.  We were introduced to it by friends who live in the area, and had a wonderful time there.  The brewery is about two years old and has just changed out their head brewer.  The new one is Drake Scott, who has experience in England as well as with Stone Brewing in Escondido, California (one of our favorites).

The brews here are amazing!  We sampled all ten of the brews they had available on tap, and they were all very good.  Eight of the ten were outstanding.  The brewery is located in an old frame building and the tasting room has a rustic look.  It is small but comfortable.  The brewery is a bit off the beaten path, but worth seeking out.

While there we took the tour with the head brewer.  We also spent a little time talking to the bar maids, Erica and Molly, who were very nice.

Wolf Hills is a brewery with a great future.  At this time they do not serve food, but they do allow you to bring in your own snacks.  Hopefully at some point they will start serving food.  If our experience is any indicator of what to expect if they do serve food, it will be good.  They have glasses, t-shirts and growlers available for purchase.

You can visit their website at http://wolfhillsbrewing.com/main.php/main.php

                   Enjoying our beer samplers (left to right) Susan Stone, Joyce Bassham, Burt Bassham, Harry Stone

Original post August 15, 2012

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