Barcelona, Spain (Part 1)

October 17, 2009

At last we had a day at sea, between Livorno and Barcelona.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with Barcelona, because I had never been particularly interested in Spain.  Barcelona changed that for me.   It reminds me somewhat of Sydney, Australia, in its atmosphere:  lively and upbeat, clean and architecturally interesting.  From the harbor the view starts with an interesting bridge, and continues to their world trade center.  It is a short ride from the dock to the area of the harbor where the aquarium and a mall are located.  The bus stopped right across from the statue of Christopher Coumbus.  There were many well-kept old buildings in the area, that were quite ornate, yet still beautiful.  The mall, the aquarium, and other things in the area, by contrast are very modern looking.  The old and new seem to blend very well here.

We arrived late afternoon at the port, but decided not to explore until the next day.  We took the shuttle over to the Columbus statue and chose to go to the aquarium, as Susan had never been to a large aquarium before.  This one is quite nice, although we are told that the national aquarium in Baltimore is much nicer.  Nevertheless, the visit was quite enjoyable.  They have some beautiful exhibits, including one of penguins.  We Iliked the tunnel that goes through the main aquarium, where you had all sorts of fish, including sharks, swimming directly toward you or over your head.  The most interesting creature was the ocean sunfish, which looks like a prehistoric creature that someone dragged up from the depths.  It is so weird that it is hardly recognizable as a fish.  The photo below is not great, but at least you can get an idea of what it looked like.  There were also several strange variations of sea-horses that we were unable to get good photos of.

We had a nice time walking around the harbor area and enjoyed seeing the people enjoying the area on a sunny afternoon.  Based on what we saw today, we looked forward to our scheduled tour the next morning.

There are a few additional photos in the album.


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