Catania, Sicily, Italy

October 12, 2009

Our next stop on this journey was Catania, on the island of Sicily.  The town’s most famous citizen was Vincenzo Bellini, composer of several beautiful operas.  Our tour took us through the town, to our destination of Taormina, a very old village located high on a mountain, within view of Mount Etna, which as you can see from the photo, is still active.  Taormina is very beautiful.  It’s definitely a tourist destination, but that doesn’t spoil it.  We walked through the town, stopping at a church, and the visitor center.

From there we went to the greatest attraction of the town, the Greco-Roman theater.  When the Greeks built the theater, they built it so that the incredible view could be appreciated by the theater patrons.  When the Romans took over, the first thing they did was to block the view, so the patrons would have to pay attention to whatever it was they were doing theatrically.  Most of the marble has been stripped from this theater, but that doesn’t harm it any, at least in my book.  I’ve seen many Roman ruins where the marble was intact, and while they were beautiful, this theater has a more down-to -earth quality to it, due to the absence of the marble.

When we came back into Catania we drove by the statue of Vincenzo Bellini, the opera composer.  We also drove past the remains of a Roman amphitheater - it was amazing to see it right in the middle of town.

If you have a chance to get to Taormina, it is definitely worth a visit.

There are a few more photos here.

                                                                                Mt. Aetna

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