Civitavecchia, Italy

October 14, 2009

Civitavecchia, from a tourism standpoint, is mostly the port closest to the great city of Rome.  It is both old and new, a modern city with old buildings, and many ruins from the past.  There is a beautiful old fort there, (Forte Michelangelo, completed in 1535) which is now used as the coast guard barracks.  We have both been to Rome fairly recently, and more than once before, so we opted to forgo the two hour ride into Rome, and instead roam around Civitavecchia (yes, we said that on purpose).  There’s certainly more to see than what we saw, but we enjoyed our time there.  We encountered a couple of parks, which were quite pleasant.  We also enjoyed seeing the ruins from the Roman empire (photo above).

Our explorations were mostly in the harbor area.  There were some fishing boats piled with nets; one man was working to straighten some out.  It was interesting to watch.

At least on Holland America cruises, all the shore excursions are about Rome.  So if you don’t want to go to Rome, you’ll be on your own to see Civitavecchia.

There are a few additional photos in this album.

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