Málaga, Spain

October 20, 2009

Unfortunately we cannot tell you much of anything about Málaga.  We were scheduled to go to Granada and the Alhambra museum, but Susan ended up sick, and after a poor night’s sleep did not have the energy for a 9-hour tour.  After lunch we did take a walk around the dock area.  The place was bustling because there were three huge cruise ships there, two of which were taking on passengers.  The city is doing a lot of new construction around the harbor, which was interesting to watch, especially the machine that was loading heavy concrete blocks onto a truck from the staging area.  The other thing that kept us entertained was watching the cranes loading a Maersk Line container ship.  We probably were easily entertained because we couldn’t do what we’d planned.  Those kinds of things are interesting anyway, but become much more so under less than ideal circumstances.

Hopefully we'll get back to Spain so that Susan can visit the Alhambra.  Apparently it something you don’t want to miss if you have the opportunity to go.

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