Dining Room Steward, Wikan (with Baked Alaska)

November 2, 2009

These photos are from our last dinner on the ship.  We wanted to include them to pay tribute to the wonderful men who took care of us in the dining room.   The top photo is Wikan, our dining room steward.  The second photo is Made (pronouced MA-day), our assistant dining room steward.  The last one is Teofilo, our wine steward and the self-proclaimed star of the Filipino crew show.

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of seeing Franky on this cruise.  Susan met him on his first day on the job, on the 2008 world cruise.  He is now the father of a son, and is doing well.  He brought joy into her life on the world cruise, and into ours on this one.  (See photo on Introduction page.)

We don’t have a photo of our room steward, Achmad, but would like to express our gratitude to him also, for his unfailing cheerfulness and excellent service.

Assistant Dining Room Steward Made with Anita & Jack, our table mates

Teofilo with Anita & Jack

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