Cape Horn

January 30, 2010

Today we had the experience of a lifetime, sailing around Cape Horn.  The weather was chilly, with very high winds, which made it difficult to be outside taking photographs.  It is very difficult to hold a camera steady in high winds.  The seas were quite calm - not glassy, but apart from one swell that sent everything that wasn’t nailed down flying, it was a surprisingly easy passage.  The horn is beautiful to look at, and was made more beautiful by a bright double rainbow that was so close it appeared that the ship was sailing through a rainbow hoop.  For us it was a first seing a rainbow so close up, and seeing one that truly surrounded us.  Each passenger on the ship received a certificate attesting to the fact that we have sailed around Cape Horn.  We are grateful that we are on a large ship rather than on one of the comparatively tiny one the explorers used.  

There are a couple of other photos in the album.




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