May 7, 2010

Our grand world voyage on the ms Amsterdam has come to an end.  It was an amazing journey, and a totally different experience from the world cruise in 2008.  It was wonderful to renew our acquaintance with the places we’d been to before, in addition to enjoying all the amazing new places we visited.  After doing one world cruise it can be difficult to imagine doing another.  However, we now understand that the experience on each cruise will be different.  In most places there is still something to be discovered, even after several visits.  We would not want to do a world cruise every year, even if it were affordable, but we do look forward to doing another one in a couple of years.  It may take us that long to catch up with everything that was waiting for us at home.

Disaster struck in the wake of our visit to several ports.  The primary one was the Chilean earthquake, which had widespread effects in that country.  The same kind of thing happened on our last world cruise.  We are sad for the people who have had to cope with these disasters and grateful for the opportunity to see those places before the destruction.  When we were in Mumbai we visited the Taj Hotel, which had been the site of a terrorist attack shortly after our visit in 2008.  At this time most of the renovations of that hotel have been completed, and it is doing well.  We wish a speedy recovery to the places that have suffered through the disasters that have occurred so far this year.

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