Fuerte Amador, Panamá

                                           View from Observation Deck of Miraflores Visitor Center

January 11, 2010

Since we had done the rainforest trip last time we were here, we decided to become more closely acquainted with the Miraflores locks.  The visitor center building next to the locks is quite conspicuous, as there are usually a lot of people on the observation deck watching the ships go by.  The building houses a museum which occupies three floors, and which covers the history of the canal on the first floor, and information on the native flora and fauna on the second floor.  We did not see the third floor this time.  Harry went to see the video presentation, while Susan went up to the observation deck to take photographs.

While driving through town we passed a grassy mall which is lined with palm trees (shown above).  Our guide told us that the mall is the exact size of a lock on the canal - about 1000 feet long and 110 feet wide.  Seeing this representation on land makes it easier to understand how large the locks really are.  We also saw a crocodile in the Miraflores River.  Our guide pointed out several former US military bases, which have been repurposed in various ways.  

We also drove past the canal headquarters and the US embassy and had a photo stop for the Bridge of the Americas.

The tour was pleasant, but we really did not have enough time at the  visitor’s center to see everything there was to see, especially if you wanted to take your time looking at the exhibits.  It was a small disappointment that there were no ships passing through the locks while we were there.  One of the visitor center workers said that because of the economic crisis, shipping is no longer predictable.

                                 This park replicates the dimensions of a lock of the canal.

                                                       Susan with Bridge of the Americas

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