King Neptune Ceremony (Crossing The Equator)

March 7, 2010

We crossed the equator for the second time on this trip as we headed back into the northern hemisphere, this time during daylight hours.  We had crossed once without Neptune’s permission, so we had to offer up a lot of “vile pollywogs” (ones who were crossing the equator for the first time) to appease the god of the oceans.  The emcee was the judge in his white curly wig.  King Neptune and his beautiful bride, Queen Tuna were there, and we had a jury of five of the ship’s officers, including the captain, chief officer, chief engineer, hotel manager, and environmental officer.  

The pollywogs were led in in chains and placed in a jail area to await their trial by King Neptune.  Since there were so many, they were called out several at a time, and their crimes were enumerated in detail.

Then they were required to kiss the fish (it is always a real fish) before being slathered with something sudsy, by the “medical team”, who had altogether too much fun doing this.  Once the slathering was complete, the jury decided whether the group would be saved or have to jump overboard.  The lucky ones were the condemned because they could cool and rinse off in the pool.  We were told that there was one innocent person on trial; she was there because her young charge wanted to see her get dunked in the pool.  We later found out that the guy in the orange shirt shown here was there because he’d lost a bet with someone, not because he was new to equator crossing.

The whole ceremony was done according to a great script, written by Bruce, our cruise director.  Even though we’ve seen this ceremony before, this one was much better.

One of the more fun characters was Barbara, our travel guide (or port lecturer), who was the janitor for the ceremony.  The crew that is the cast for this kind of production always seems to have a lot of fun.  We certainly had a good time!

© Susan L. Stone 2015