Lüderitz, Namibia

February 19, 2010

Based on the previous evening’s announcements about bad weather and rough seas, we were not sure we’d be able to stop at Lüderitz, Namibia.  There was no dock space for cruise ships so we anchored in the harbor and used the ship’s tenders to get to shore.  Rough seas, with the strong winds predicted, would have made that unsafe.  So we were glad to see clear skies and calm seas.

Lüderitz is a small town with a population of 3,000 or 9,000 depending on who you believe.  The pier where we docked was not for the faint of heart or body.  It was narrow and we had to walk up a farily steep cleated ramp to get into town.  Our mission today was to find broad-band internet, and to that end we hauled our laptops with us (Harry carried both in his heavy bag).  Both the places near the pier could not accommodate us, and they directed us to the post office, which also could not help us.  They directed us to a hotel that we finally found, and we were able to log onto the Internet.  We set up in a beautiful courtyard, worked there until the sun got to be too much, and then went inside.  About that time the connection became very unreliable, which was very frustrating.  We finally gave up and went back to the pier with the intention of getting lunch and then coming back to town to see if we could find a souvenir of Namibia.

On the tender on the way back to the ship we saw a whale and several dolphins as well as birds.  We did go back to shore after lunch, took a few photos, found a souvenir, and returned to the ship, as we needed to get ready for a formal cocktail party.  This time someone spotted a cape seal in the water, which we saw but were unable to photograph.

Some of the photographs appear to show smog.  Not!  The apparent smog is actually sand dunes.  Namibia is blessed with very clean air.

Africa has never called to us, but our time in Namibia has introduced us to Africa in a way that has created interest in us, and we are enjoying our time here.

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