Mumbai Entertainment

March 11, 2010

We had the pleasure of two different entertainments in Mumbai.  The first was the welcoming police band in their bright red uniforms (photo above).  While they are not the greatest musicians, they do a good job and are pleasant to listen to.  We appreciate the effort they put out for us.

That evening we had the Kala-Bhairavi Indian Culture Show, which presented Indian music and dance.  The vocal music was alien to our ears, but it went well with the dances.  They did a variety of dances for us.

As you can see, the costumes were very colorful and quite beautiful.  Some of the dances they did were amazingly acrobatic.  The most amazing of all was the young man who balanced the stack of pots on his head.  He got into all sorts of interesting positions and danced around the stage on a plate, as well as dancing on a bed of nails.  With everything he did, he never lost one piece of the stack on his head.  Those pots came off only when he took them off.

The announcer had an accent that was difficult for us to understand, but we felt that we had been given a good introduction to dance from a variety of regions of India.  This is a show we could easily watch again.  You can see more photos from the show in the album.

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