Ushuaia, Argentina

January 29, 2010

Ushuaia, Argentina is at the bottom of the world.  The backdrop of mountains covered in snow and ice is majestic.  The mountains are huge.  It was somewhat of a surprise to see what a beautiful, cheery city Ushuaia is, even though it is located in an area of severe weather.    The guide for our tour mentioned that in Ushuaia they never need summer clothes.

We went on an amazing boat ride here, to see wildlife.  The boat was a catamaran with a large inside cabin and outside areas.  The excursion was titled Beagle Channel Wildlife, and it met all our expectations and then some!  We saw many species of birds, some of which were new to us, including two kinds of geese, flightless steamer ducks, two kinds of cormorants, skuas, gulls, a giant petrel.  We also got to be up close and personal with some southern sea lions.   On the island where we saw the sea lions, there were also cormorants and gulls; the former always seemed to be supervising the activity of the sea lions.  What was really great about this tour besides the great variety of wildlife we saw was the fact that the boat driver was able to get us in very close to most of the animals.  The plant life was wonderful, especially the lichens.

We’ve not had the privilege of getting so close to wildlife before on this kind of tour.  And even though the temperatures seemed chilly due to the winds, the weather was beautiful for us.  It was nice to have a guide who knew the names of the creatures we were seeing.  We bought two small books about Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel, which turned out to be great in helping us to identify the birds we’ve been seeing, like this giant petrel.

There are more photos in the album.

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