Filipino Crew Show

February 11, 2012

The Filipino crew show was wonderful, as always.  This year they scheduled the show for 10:00 PM instead of 11:00, which was really nice for everyone.

The Station Band played dance music for the hour before the show, as well as doing the music for the show.  They are, from left to right:  Joel (keyboardist), Rudy (band leader), Sonny (on drums), and Rhey (bass). (See photo below)  We met them in 2008 and were very glad to see them back on this world cruise. 

The first number in the show featured a Jeepney as a prop.  The Jeepney is the most common form of transport in Manila.

The second number was a beautiful Filipino Song.

The song was followed by the traditional castanet dance, performed by four couples.

Next on the program was the beautiful Filipino song, Anak (The Child), which is one of our favorites.  

The Candlelight Dance, a traditional dance telling the story of wives waiting for their fisherman husbands to return home from their work, followed.

The next song, performed by Nestor, a long time member of the bar staff was amazing.  The song was called ‘Forever’, and was a dialog between a man and a woman.

The last dance of the show was the Philippine national dance, Tinikling, or the Bamboo Dance.  The dance is done by a man and a woman, hopping between constantly moving bamboo poles.  The speed picks up as the dance goes along, so the dancers have to become ever more agile.  We have seen this dance several times, and we are glad to report that to date no one has been injured in the process.

The finale to the crew show was a song called ‘Dakilang Lahi’, performed by all the cast members.

The last photo of the group shows Cruise Director Bruce thanking the crew for the wonderful show they had given us, and for all their hard work to make the cruise a pleasant experience for the guests.

There are additional photos in the album.

                                              The Station Band (left to right): Joel, Rudy, Sonny, Rhey

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