Indonesian Crew Show

                                                          The Saman Dance

March 9, 2012

The Indonesian crew show was also presented at 10:00 PM.  It was somewhat more fun for us because we know more of the Indonesian crew.

The MC for the show was Presty, who is one of the Assistant Maitres d’ for the dining room, and always a lot of fun.

The welcome dance, which was done by Wisnu, one of the room service stewards, was beautiful.  He looked as if it was something he does professionally when he is not on the ship.

An interpretive dance followed.

The Saman dance was next.  This one is very complicated, and it is apparently affectionately known as the ‘slap dance’, because of the risk of getting slapped by your neighbor if your timing is off at all.

The Saman dance was followed by a duet by two guys.

The next duet was by Dini (one of the kitchen servers in the Lido) and Juma, one of the Lido stewards.

Next was another beautiful dance, this time Wisnu was joined by Tina, who works in the Pinnacle Grill restaurant, and who was responsible for cooking the incredible food we had at the special Indonesian dinner.

The Kecak Ramayana dance, also known as the monkey dance, followed.  This is a traditional story about good and evil, and the handsome prince rescuing the beautiful princess from evil.  This dance is always fun to watch, but this time it was more fun because the handsome prince was played by none other than our favorite room service steward, Gede Putra.  The beautiful princess was played by Komang Sari, who is the fiancé of our cabin steward, Ben Agung (their wedding is scheduled for July 14, 2012).  The evil monkey also had some problems with his wig, which got a good laugh from the audience.

The final portion of the show was the anklung orchestra.  The anklung is a wooden instrument which is shaken to achieve its tone.  Each one is a different size, and therefore gives a different tone.  The group follows music, with each person shaking his or her instrument at the proper time, so they play a melody.  The technique is similar to a handbell choir, if you are familiar with them.  During this number the crew always invites members of the audience to join them on stage.  The show closes with a special salute song.

We would like to close this post by saying thank you again to our good friend Gede Putra and wish him the best in anything he does.

There are a lot more photos in the album.

Gede Putra & Wisnu

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