Komodo Island, Indonesia

March 5, 2012

Four days at sea brought us to Komodo Island, Indonesia.  The sail-in was incredibly beautiful.  And before we were anchored, many of us watched a basilisk lizard walk on water, an amazing sight.  Unfortunately we did not get any photos of this lizard.  We anchored in Slawi Bay, which is very long from entrance to end.  We also saw dolphins.

Most of Komodo Island is reserved as part of Komodo Island National Park.  Komodo is the only village on the island, population 2,000 or so.  The island is best known as the home of the Komodo dragon, which is a type of monitor lizard, and the largest living lizard in the world today.  

The lizards are also found on several other smaller islands, as well as in the western part of Flores island, the largest island in the Lesser Sunda chain.  The Komodo dragons live mainly on wild deer, but they have been known to come into town to go after other animals, and their young live in trees to escape predation by the adults.  The Komodo dragons have been known to be aggressive toward humans, so it is best to keep your distance from them and move away if they start to approach.  Not only do they have jaws that unhinge and allow them to swallow a pig whole, they also have venom and dangerous bacteria in their saliva.

There is much to see on the island in addition to the dragons.  We saw butterflies of all kinds, Javan deer, and orchids growing in the trees.

It would be nice to visit Komodo Island under circumstances where we could do a longer walk.  It is necessary to have a guide for any walks, but a smaller, more physically agile group would allow for more exploration.

Check out the photo album for more pictures.

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