Lord Howe Island Group

                                                       Lord Howe Island

February 24, 2012

The Lord Howe Island Group consists of multiple islands under the administration of New South Wales, Australia, and they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The group includes Lord Howe Island (above) and Ball Pyramid (below),  and all the outlying rocks of significant size and small islands.  They lie 700 kilometers or 435 miles to the east of Australia.  Apparently we sailed through this island group at the request of some of the passengers.   They were a pleasant sight, especially since we expected to see only water.

Somewhere along the way we picked up a notable stowaway - a Red-footed Booby.  It decided to make its home on a light post at the bow of the ship.  We had watched it soaring through the air, periodically diving into the ocean while it hunted around the ship the evening prior.  Apparently it decided to hitch a ride with us to Sydney (it stayed with us until just before Sydney), which is strange behavior for a bird that normally comes to land only for mating and nesting.

There are more photos in the album.

                                                         Ball Pyramid

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