Brisbane, Australia

                                         Brisbane as seen from the ship, which is docked on the Brisbane River

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland, the northeast portion of Australia.  The city is located about 50 miles up the Brisbane river from the coast, and it looks to be a pretty nice city.  We did not have a chance to explore because we had a long excursion, and we were probably the last group to return to the ship.  Our tour took us out to the O’Reilly resort in Lamington National Park, a two-hour (or more) bus ride, much of which was on a very narrow, switchback road.  The rain forest in southeast Queensland is amazing.  You see gorgeous stag horn ferns and birds nest ferns growing in the trees, along with many vines.  And eucalyptus trees and grass trees, which looked a lot like the yuccas we are familiar with at home.  It seemed a bit incongruous to me.  When we arrived at the resort we went for a walk in the forest, which included an elevated suspension walkway through the tree-tops.  At the end of the second section of the walk there was a tree with a ladder, which Harry had to climb.  Of course.  Susan felt she was up high enough already.  The walk was beautiful and we did see a couple of birds (we heard many more).  We also saw lots of strangler fig trees, which end up with rather amazing forms.  For those who are not familiar with them, they start to grow in the top of another tree and send down long roots which become the tree’s trunk.  The tree inside dies, so in places you can see right through the strangler fig trunk.

After the walk we had a buffet lunch, which included two drinks - wine and/or beer.  Enterprising people that we are, we each had a local beer, and one got a glass of red wine, and the other a glass of white, which we shared.  Following lunch we went to feed the birds, which was fun.  The photo of Harry with a Crimson Rosella an Australian King-Parrot shows some of the fun.  We also saw Fire-tail finches, Wong Pigeons and Brush Turkeys.

We re-boarded the bus and drove down the mountain to a winery owned by the same family as the resort.  One of the activities they have regularly on the ship now is ‘speed wine tasting’.  Our time at the winery felt very much like what speed tasting must be like.  Our time there was short because the trip down the mountain took longer than expected, but that was okay.  Unlike our excursion in Sydney, this time we got to spend the most time in the best place.  There are more photos here in the photo album

It would be nice to visit Brisbane again and see what else it has to offer.

© Susan L. Stone 2015